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Catholic Community Choir is proud to continue to see growth in our Annual Fund! Whether you are a parent, alumni, supporter or friend of CCC, your support is important! Every contribution makes a difference to our program and the future of our organization. #CCCshines

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What CCC Means to our Alumni


“CCC means so much to me and I would not be the same without it. The first show I was ever in was when I was 9 years old in Alice in Wonderland Jr. I’m now in high school and completed my final shows with CCC. I started CCC with friends from school and I finished CCC with all of the people who I now call my best friends. I have made unbreakable bonds with people I otherwise would have never met. If it weren’t for CCC, I wouldn’t have ended up at Cardinal O’Hara and been able to become so close with fellow students and continue to put on wonderful shows with Mr. Brac. If it weren’t for CCC, I never would have found my love for music and theatre. This program has made me into who I am today and without it, I would be a different person. I am so grateful for it. I have loved being in shows, singing and dancing so I let myself shine. I remember every show like it was last week and the time I spent at CCC flew by in a matter of seconds. Ms. AK and Mr. Brac created a place where I can totally be myself and be surrounded with such positivity. Over the years they have become such great role models for me, that I will continue to look up to. Every call back and cast list, wherever my name was on the list, I eventually came to know that I was going to have fun no matter what. The lessons I have learned from CCC will forever be with me.” Ava Foster, CCC Alumni 2018


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