#CCCshines: Our Focus – Preserve the “Shine” Legacy at CCC

Our vision at Catholic Community Choir is to see the youth of our communities successful in both artistic and personal development.


December 20, 2018 – CCC Shines through teamwork and a vision!

October 16, 2018 – CCC Shines through Service!

Over the summer, we kicked off an initiative to empower the children of CCC to be engaged in service projects, as an organization, throughout the year that would make a difference to others. Our first project was to gather items to make care packages and cards for our troops. These packages are now on their way! Watch us as we continue to shine! #CCCshines

Our First Shine Moment Submission!

Maddie Birkmire’s Feature, Submitted by her Mom!

“Maddie lost a friend suddenly this summer and channeled her grief into helping others. She organized a food drive and collected 1,234 items. We delivered everything to the Media Food Bank with the help of some of her friends who were all so helpful and supportive! We were so incredibly proud of her! “

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September 12, 2018

Dear CCC Friends & Families,

Welcome back to a new school year! We are sending our best wishes and prayers for a successful, happy and healthy school year for all! We’ve been busy planning our fall season, along with many other fun events that will take place throughout the school year. We hope you can join us for all the fun to come!

As you hopefully have seen, we have launched our official “Shine” campaign. Over the past two years, we have had a strong focus of preserving the “Shine” legacy for our community at CCC. We have loved watching our members shine both on and off stage. Just a few weeks ago, we had our first ever “Giving Shine Day” to officially launch our focus on #CCCshines! It was a tremendous success, where we surpassed our goal, and we are so grateful to all who contributed to this fund!

To continue celebrating and focusing on our “Shine” campaign, we invite you to join us! Our vision at Catholic Community Choir is to see the youth of our communities successful in both artistic and personal development. We encourage you to share with us any moments where your child shines in and outside of CCC that we can feature throughout our “Shine” campaign. You will see these highlights on our blog, in our newsletter and on our social media. We hope to celebrate all members of our community so if you wish to share, please send shine moments my way or submit them online!

Thank you for choosing CCC as an organization for your family to be involved. It has been so wonderful being a part of this community and we have great plans for the future. We are so glad you are a part! #CCCshines


Aimee-Kate Braconnier

Vice President & Executive Director