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“CCC has impacted both of my boys.  John grew in confidence and his love of music, which continues today.  He has met life long friends through CCC and learned about teamwork.  CCC is such a part of Andrew and who he is, who is friends are and his interest in service to others.  CCC has broadened the relationships of our entire family. We have met so many wonderful people through this organization and we are eternally grateful.” – Elaine McCarthy, Parent & Employee


“Catholic Community Choir has brought so much joy to our lives. Seeing our children up on stage singing and dancing and having the time of their life is such a joy. The excitement that they have for each other on stage is also so wonderful to watch. The courage and strength my children have learned from being a part of CCC has helped them in so many other areas of their life. We are so blessed to be apart of this community and look forward to many years of love, laughter and faith.” – Alissa Nelson, Parent


“My very first experience with CCC was when I took my daughter, Stella, to see High School Musical Jr. at O’Hara. She turned to me and said, “I want to do that!” It was love at first sight. She was a junior choir member in the very next show, Music Man. Four years and many shows later she is as in love with CCC as she was on that very first day. It really did change her life and open up the world of musical theater to her. CCC isn’t just any theater company. It’s so much more. Watching the kids hold hands and pray before shows brings a tear to my eye every time. They are learning to make friends and care about others. They support each other from the youngest members to the oldest. Catholic Community Choir is truly a family and we feel very much a part of that family.” – Tina Pugliese, Parent


“I can’t say enough positive things about Catholic Community Choir. Jeff and Aimee-Kate have created something truly unique and special. CCC is a place to meet new friends, and learn about music all while having fun. My girls love it and the self-confidence they now have and display on stage and in life is wonderful to see!” – Kristen Steiger, Parent


“My daughter who is in 6th grade absolutely loved doing the shows with CCC. I am sorry I did not know about this program earlier. I am sad that she only has three years left to do this wonderful activity.” – Maureen Callahan, Parent


“Just wanted to say… job well done to you and all of the cast, crew, leaders of CCC… it was really amazing! Our daughter, Sophia D’Amico, really had a wonderful experience and now wants to “be on TV”.  She hasn’t stopped practicing the lines (of all the cast members) since the play started and still is practicing. Thanks again!  She loved it.” – Joe D’Amico, Parent
“This spring was the first year at CCC for our two daughters. I can’t say enough about the experience they had. They loved every minute, made some new friends and came home smiling and singing each time. Before the production of Mary Poppins was even over they were talking about how much they couldn’t wait to do it again. Each and every one of our family members that came to see the show raved about how great it was and how they really enjoyed it. Thank you CCC for giving our daughters such a fantastic experience!” – The Spadea Family
“My daughter has attended CCC camps since she was 3 years old, she’s now almost 7. The smiles on her face day after day and her pride in her performance would be enough if a reason for me to continue to send her there but there is more. The family that has been created is second to none. Everyone from the now high school team member who once performed with my daughter, to the “cool middle school kids”, to her best friends are constantly warm and welcoming. Everyone knows her, everyone interacts with her, and everyone truly looks out not just for her but for everyone. CCC is a safe place for children to be children to gain self confidence and to prosper. The environment is a positive one and faith is reinforced and developed in every child who attends. Last, but not least, the staff thinks of each and every kid as their own. CCC will always have a place in my heart and my family’s life.” – Lindsay Smith, Parent & Sponsor

“CCC is the best thing that my daughter has experienced! She fell in love with the program right from the start. We had tried dance, soccer, basketball and it just wasn’t her thing. She wake’s up every morning so exciting to see her friend’s and the awesome staff at CCC. I can’t thank you enough for all you do! She has so much fun and it also instill’s the values we want her to learn.” – Shawn Corey, Parent


“Our relationship with CCC began when our 6 year old daughter Ella attended the Annie Camp last summer. She had never done a full day camp in a large environment, so I was nervous to say the least! When I picked her up after the first day of camp she was literally glowing with excitement! Ella talked about her day well into the evening hours. Every day she seemed happier and more excited than the day before (if that was possible)! The final production of Annie was INCREDIBLE. My entire family was in disbelief that this was put together in two weeks time. Picking her up early from practice and being able to watch them pray together just “sealed the deal” for our family. God Bless everyone involved!!!” – Christy Rodia, Parent


“We cannot thank you enough for making Tara’s first CCC experience such a memorable one. Tara had major anxiety up until and including the day of the show, but everyone involved was so kind, nurturing, and caring that we never had a doubt in our mind that she would perform:) Our family and friends are still talking about the fabulous show! We look forward to more shows in the future!!” – Heather Flynn, Parent


“The CCC has been a really fun summer camp for my girls over the past three summers. The shows are wonderful, and we are all sad when camp ends each year. Mr. Brac, Ms. AK, and the entire staff do an amazing job of keeping all of the campers happy, safe, and singing all summer long! We love CCC!!” – Valerie Cappelli, Parent

“My daughter, Delaney, has been participating in CCC performances and camps for almost three years and looks forward to each and every show. As a soon-to-be fifth grader, she has performed in seven CCC shows and has grown from each and every one. CCC has helped Delaney develop her love of music and build her confidence to be on stage. We can’t wait to see what the future holds!” – Susannah Horner, Parent“We love CCC Summer Camp! The kids have a wonderful time and the counselors are patient and engaging. Mr. Brac is such a positive role model and he incorporates faith, talent, and diligence into all that he does. Thank you CCC!” – Christina Braun, Parent

“My girls love it. They love the people, the friends they make, the whole experience. I love how caring the staff is and how dedicated they all are.” – Parent

“CCC is a wonderful outlet for all children. When I was raising my children, the activities that my kids could join were primarily sports related. Sure there was dance class for my daughter or scouts if you were interested. Catholic Community Choir gives families an option that was just never there. It is a nice outlet for all ages to interact as one. It also teaches our older children the value of helping and looking out for the younger members if CCC.” – Jack Braconnier, Parent of Founder, Jeff Braconnier & Executive Director, Aimee-Kate Braconnier

“Both of my children participated in the summer programs. It was a wonderful experience. My children have grown in faith, confidence, maturity, made new friends, and, of course, performed! I could not imagine a summer that did not include Catholic Community Choir. Between the staff, the interns, the parent volunteers, and the other campers, 2017 was a summer to remember. Thanks, CCC!” – Kelly Lanza, Parent

“Yes there are other options for the children in our community for production companies to join but the moral mentoring that you have given these children is beyond any Emmy or Academy Award and etc. that any one of us could ever achieve. One factor is that they enjoy coming to the practices and functions and they want to please all your staff.  The way you come to their level and instill their best quality to shine is wonderful and refreshing.  Just as we would peel an onion you have done so with the children and their true meaning and beauty is witnessed by the captive audience.” – Marie Terrell, Parent

“CCC provides a place for children to be themselves without judgment.  CCC builds confidence and builds self-esteem through new friendships and a common goal.  Your child will have fun, learn new things about themselves and in the end you get to see a phenomenal show.  You won’t believe the talent your child has in them. CCC let’s your child shine!!” – Kate Issertell, Parent

“The Irish dramatist George Bernard Shaw said, ‘We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing’. It is important to remember that music and theatre are the only art forms where the artist ‘plays’. If I were to design a theatre troop with unlimited budget and unlimited resources, I would want to design Catholic Community Choir. I cannot imagine any activity that does what Jeff, Aimee Kate, the volunteers, and the kids do – creatively, socially, and spiritually. Simply put, CCC is what theatre is supposed to be – a place of joy and play. Thank you for all you do.” – Pat Dorsey, Parent

“I have to say you, your wonderful staff, and the entire CCC program are most impressive. It takes a little time for my daughter to come out of her shell in large groups, yet I have witnessed her confidence growing with each production. Although she loves to sing and dance and draw and is bit shy at all once she is comfortable, she has always been reluctant to “put herself out there.”  If you had told me my daughter would have gone to an audition just a year ago, I would not have believed it! Through her participation in CCC–at age 8–she has found her “voice.” The “voice” I refer to is literal and metaphorical. Yes, she loves to sing and perform, but more importantly she is better in touch with her inner “voice”. CCC has helped her grow spiritually and socially. CCC has also helped her hone in on some amazing things…public speaking, collaboration with others, resilience, hard work, memorization, spatial relationships, teamwork, and the list can go on and on! We feel so good sending our daughter to practices and all of the wonderful performance opportunities you provide, especially ones that are faith based (we also love the chance to sing for the veterans…what an honor). Many thanks to you and all of those who make CCC possible!” – Kristina Cawley, Parent