Our Mission

With faith and fun at the core, CCC strives to provide unique and engaging experiences focused on performing arts, service and ministry.

Our Vision

To see the youth of our communities successful in both artistic and personal development.

Our Programs

  • Fall & Winter/Spring Musicals
  • Fall & Winter/Spring Musicals
  • Summer Camp
  • Middle School/High School Musical
  • CCC Singers
  • Cabaret
  • Church Choir
  • Shine Night Out
  • Service & Ministry Opportunities
  • High School Leadership Program
  • College Internship Program
  • Public Singing Appearances
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Our History

Catholic Community Choir (CCC) was found by Jeffrey Braconnier in 2007 with a small but mighty choir. Jeff had an idea to bring these choir members from three parishes together to be on stage and perform. Since then, CCC has grown immensely, growing each program and opportunity for the youth of Delaware County and beyond.

CCC celebrates the many productions we have had throughout the years and the many faces and voices of our stage! CCC currently serves over 500 children through each year in our programs from Delaware County and beyond. Come and watch them shine! #CCCshines

Who We Serve

All children and young adults interested in music, performing arts, service and ministry. Our mantra is “Truly a Family” and we welcome everyone. While our organization is rooted in our Catholic faith, every person is encouraged and welcome to join our program regardless to religious beliefs or background. We began as just members representing three local parish communities and as we have grown, we continue to welcome and encourage new families to join our CCC family!

Program Specifics:

  • Fall and Winter/Spring Musicals: Children in Kindergarten through 9th Grade
  • Summer Camps: Children in Preschool through 8th Grade
  • Service & Ministry Opportunities: All interested in Participating
  • High School Leadership Program: High School students who have completed 9th grade and/or have been involved with CCC.
  • College Internship Program: Any college student studying education, performing arts, music, theater, technical theater, and beyond.
  • Public Singing Appearances: Dependent on the event. Look for specific info as each are scheduled.

What We Do

Catholic Community Choir (CCC) is a children’s theater organization serving children in preschool through 9th grade in Delaware County and beyond. Catholic Community Choir brings together faith and fun center stage in all of our programs through music, ministry and performing arts. Focusing on creativity and each child as an individual, CCC encourages self discovery and growth in each and every program. CCC provides both on stage experiences as well as off stage experiences through summer camp programs, public singing appearances, social experiences and service oriented opportunities. After students have completed CCC, they have the opportunity to give back to the organization through service as an internship or as part of the summer leadership program. As CCC continues to grow, we have watched many previous members go on to study music, performing arts, education, and beyond. #CCCshines