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  • Become a sponsor this winter/spring (or for the entire year)! Make a difference for our organization. Sponsorships begin at $75. The deadline to be a Bye Bye Birdie (YPE) sponsor is March 25, 2020. Learn more here…
  • Walk with CCC at the Springfield St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Saturday, March 14, 2020. Our group will gather at 11:30am. Cast members of Bye Bye Birdie (YPE) will wear their cast t-shirts. If you are not part of the cast, please wear some CCC spirit wear! All are welcome! #CCCshines (Children in 2nd Grade and younger should be accompanied by an adult/guardian.) Sign Up Here…
  • Before we know it, Summer 2020 will be here! Registration will open in the coming weeks. Stay tuned and visit our Summer Camps page to learn about our programs for your family today!

January 8, 2020

Dear Friends and Families of CCC,

What a great year 2019 was for us and our members! From incredible moments for our graduating 9th graders in Spring 2019 in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, to a first ever Celebration Concert for our older members, to a jam packed Disney summer with record campers (and heat!), to the remarkable and memorable production of Frozen Jr. this fall, and a beautiful wrap up on Christmas Eve Mass, 2019 was a year to cherish and celebrate for years to come for many. 

Now that 2020 is here, we couldn’t be more excited for all that’s ahead. In our 13 years a children’s theater organization, we have learned so much. We have served thousands of children encouraging each to grow in their own gifts and talents while shining both on and off the stage. We have had countless members come back to serve in our leadership program as high school members and continue to have a production staff with alumni and talented individuals who live and breathe the mission of CCC every day. 

Now that a new year is here, we are taking some time to reflect on what is next for us at CCC. Our goals reflect our mission and are clear. We want to serve more children and help each child to grow more as an individual through their involvement with our programs.

Our first step in achieving these goals is by offering more for our summer programs. From conversations and feedback, we know that our middle school students want to be able to focus on their own skills as an individual while they also prepare for a show and enjoy the great days of summer at CCC. We’ll be providing information on these new offerings at camp in the coming weeks. Stay tuned! 

This is where you can help. We ask for your feedback. What is it that we can do for your child(ren) that will make their experience(s) more impactful at CCC? How can we help your son and/or daughter to maximize his/her time both on and off the stage with us? We appreciate how much you value our organization and want to provide as much as we can for you!

From the very beginning we have said our mantra is “Truly a Family”. As we roll into this new decade and reflect on our own goals and our mission, we strive to provide more experiences rich in performing arts, service and ministry for your family. 

Thank you for choosing CCC as a program for your child(ren). Whether you’ve been an active member since the very beginning, a spectator in our audience or are new to our program, we are so glad to have you here! We look forward to what’s next for us and hope to see you along the way!

Aimee-Kate Braconnier
Vice President & Executive Director