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Catholic Community Choir created a sponsorship program to support the mission and vision of our organization so that each child can continue to benefit from the great opportunity to be exposed to music, ministry and performing arts at a young age. By supporting CCC through a sponsorship, individuals, businesses and organizations will see the fruits of their generosity throughout a production or all year long. Sponsorships assist with scholarship costs for children who cannot afford to participate as well as production costs (production royalties/rights, technical needs, costumes and more). The support and belief of our sponsors is what continues to drive the dream and bring joy to the children of CCC. While supporting CCC through sponsorship, your name/business/organization, will be shown to families all season long.


To submit Sponsorship online, please click here. 

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Please send all sponsorships directly to CCC:

Catholic Community Choir
Attn: Aimee Kate Braconnier
1701 S. Sproul Road
Springfield, PA 19064Please send all digital ads and logos to Aimee-Kate Braconnier at
Mr. Dave White, Lead Sponsor since 2014, with members of CCC.