What a “shining, shimmering, splendid” day it has been today at #SummerbytheCCC23 🌟. This morning we had an absolute blast at stage time singing and dancing to “Arabian Nights” and “Friend Like Me”. These songs are some of our campers favorites from the show and they had so much fun putting these numbers together after just 3 days of camp! Now we’re on to other favorites like “Prince Ali”.

Make Way!

…for Prince Ali! Mr. Will taught blocking to some of our leads today. This include roles like Aladdin, Jasmine, and Jafar. We are beyond impressed with their acting! Even though we have done this show in the past, our campers are working hard to make this show uniquely theirs.

The same goes for every song and dance number we have. Each one of our campers are shining on stage in their own special way and we are so happy to see it. This was definitely the case today as our campers learned “Prince Ali” in music class today with Miss Keira and Mr. Jacob. Even the dance number is special. It will be loads of fun not only for the campers, but the audience too! See what Miss Molly and Miss Marykate have in store for these dances in just 1 week when its showtime!

Friend Like Me

Besides the action happening on stage, there was all kinds of fun going on off stage as well today! Outside was fun while it lasted, but nothing could stop our good time once we brought games inside to play games like Sharks and Minos and Ping Pong! At the same time we had the opportunity to delve into one of our service projects that will help support our troops. To top it off we had art class. Even our own staff got involved making their own crafts, drawling, and coloring with the kids. We also got to work on our set a bit more today and it is starting to look great! It is so great to see the campers take what they learn in art class and apply it on stage and in set design class with Miss Mia in a real way. Check out all the kinds of fun we have on our Instagram here!

Up in the Chapel and ministry center Mr. Gavin and Mr. Elijah taught a camp favorite parable for a few years now, The Parable of the Lost Sheep. This parable is in both the book of Luke and Matthew and it focuses on how Jesus loves and cares about each and everyone of us. In this parable Jesus makes it clear to the Pharisees that he calls everyone to his table, especially those in need of Him, and that is a lesson we hold very dear at CCC. We also focused on the importance of our friendship with Jesus and also with one another. To end the lesson the kids played “The Lost Sheep Game”, much like group hide and seek, and left both learned and enthusiastic about the faith.

Campers of the Day

Congratulations to our Campers of the Day! These campers were awarded for being an example to others, being a team player and for shining both on and off the stage! Congrats to Vivian, Talula, Nora, Alyssa, Jack, and Evan! #CCCshines

Catholic Community Choir (CCC) was established in 2007. With faith and fun at the core, CCC strives to provide unique and engaging experiences focused on performing arts, service and ministry. To learn more about CCC, visit our website. #CCCshines

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