We’re back and have already enjoyed the first day of our final session of the summer! Our two week break flew by but we couldn’t wait to see the biggest group in CCC history on this Monday morning for Disney’s Aladdin Jr!

We welcomed both new and returning campers as our final session began with lots of energy and excitement as a Disney favorite returns to the CCC stage. These two weeks will be jam packed with lots of activities, learning and fun as we shine both on and off the stage and continue to spread the CCC mission.

Let’s Begin!

As camp began, our staff and volunteers met with all campers to do our morning orientation and get to know one another. As our morning went on, we went into our camp day schedule where we began to rotate through classes and also audition for the show we are focusing on. Students in grades 3rd through 8th had the opportunity to audition and support their peers during our morning rotation. We are always impressed with the immense amount of talent on the stage and know that with the combined gifts of the entire cast, this will be another show not to miss. Our cast list will be announced Monday night so be sure to check it out and also save the dates for our performances next week.

In our class rotation, campers visited art class where they made lanterns to celebrate our Aladdin theme. In Faith Formation, campers talked about Jesus’ love for us and that he will always have our back. In Games, campers enjoyed a fun game of capture the flag while running around and getting some energy out. Some campers enjoyed the start of music class where they were introduced to “Arabian Nights”. Our older campers had the chance to work with Miss Mia and talk about set design and how to maintain our set and production needs. Throughout the two weeks, some of our campers will have the chance to be involved with our set design and assist with small projects that will support the show through this workshop.

Our new class this session is our Special with Miss Bridget where we will be focusing on service and spreading kindness to others in our community. Today we began with getting to know one another in our group through Miss Bridget’s class and also talking about groups in our community we can support. Some ideas of organizations our campers would like to support are animal shelters, children’s hospitals, and schools in need. Look out for more info on how you can support our service projects this week and next!

Some of our campers shared their favorite part of the first day:

  • Lucas’ favorite part of the day was playing games on the stage with his group.
  • Rae’s favorite part of her day was making lanterns in art class with Summer and Cece.
  • Rosie’s favorite part of her day was auditions because it introduced a new song and watching the staff be silly in the staff challenge.
  • Ella C.’s favorite part of her day was music class because she liked the song they learned since it was a song she danced to in a recital before.
  • Mason’s favorite part of the day was games class where they played a fun game of “teachers and students”.
  • Stella’s favorite part of her day was also games class which seemed to be a hit all around!
  • Nathan’s favorite part of his day was faith formation because he enjoyed learning about the history shared by the staff throughout the lesson.

Shine Our Light!

In Art Class, campers made lanterns of their own design, which are for the Cave of Wonders in Arabian Nights. Campers enjoyed creating their own, unique lantern with their individual designs! The lanterns are a nice pair to our CCC message of shining our light for all to see!

Campers of the Day

Congratulations to our Campers of the Day! These campers were awarded for being an example to others, being a team player and for shining both on and off the stage! Congrats to Ben, Vincent, Mikayla, Lila, Camille & Anthony! #CCCshines

Catholic Community Choir (CCC) was established in 2007. With faith and fun at the core, CCC strives to provide unique and engaging experiences focused on performing arts, service and ministry. To learn more about CCC, visit our website. #CCCshines

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