Our final theme day of #SummerbytheCCCC22 was a blast! Campers arrived in their favorite CCC attire as well as so many awesome homemade theme day outfits for the day. We saw so many throwback t-shirts. There was a sea of #ShineorMissSteph tie dye and countless favorite show tees! We loved to see so many younger campers wearing their older siblings shirts from many years back.

As a part of our day, we also had CCC trivia with our staff. They are split into 3 teams that have been fighting for the title of our 2022 Staff Challenge all summer long. The final challenges are complete. The winning team will be announced soon! Some fun trivia for you!

  • How many cast members were in the first CCC production? 32
  • What was the first CCC production? Seussical
  • What was Miss AK’s first show with CCC? Annie
  • What other instruments does Mr. Brac play? Trumpet, Guitar, Drums B
  • What summer camp did CCC used to offer at the beginning of the summer? Creative Explorers
  • What was the first CCC show we did at COHS? High School Musical
  • Where did our first production of The Little Mermaid Jr. take place? ETR  
  • What was the first year we had summer camp? 2011
  • What was the first summer camp show? Jungle Book Kids

Final Days in the Art Room!

Camp is ending soon and so that means we are wrapping up our classes! Campers enjoyed their final art class as they finished their own Pinocchio puppet. We love these fun projects campers have as a keepsake from this camp!

We’re Ready for Show Time!

Wednesday has come and gone here at CCC as we polished our production and enjoyed some final camp moments! Our day was full with fun and hard work as campers spent a lot of time making sure they are ready for show time! In just a quick 8 days of camp, our campers and production team put together a great show. Be sure you join us Thursday at 7:00pm or Friday at 2:00pm at COHS!

Campers of the Day!

Congratulations to our Campers of the Day! These campers were awarded for being an example to others, being a team player and for shining both on and off the stage! Congrats to Summer, Evan R., Evan K., Pallavi & Abigail! #CCCshines

Theme Day Winners!

We had another awesome theme day here at CCC! Everyone could be a winner today! Congrats to Brian, Rosie, Rae, Mason & Erin! #CCCshines

Catholic Community Choir (CCC) was established in 2007. With faith and fun at the core, CCC strives to provide unique and engaging experiences focused on performing arts, service and ministry. To learn more about CCC, visit our website. #CCCshines

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