Final Water Day of Summer 2021!

We took a chance on water day today and prayed that the rain would hold out! Campers were ready for another fun day on the field as our final Water Day of #SummerbytheCCC21 arrived this morning! We knew there was a chance for rain but took our chances! After a busy stage time this morning, campers divided and took turns in their groups outside this morning to have fun with our water slides! Before we knew it, it was lunch time.

Campers came together and celebrated our staff member, Elijah, who not only celebrated his birthday today, but his final day at camp this summer before heading to college. We had a little birthday party for this dedicated team member and celebrated the many friendships made at camp! As lunch was coming to an end, the rain drops began to fall. We hoped they wouldn’t last! Campers went back inside to first full run of our show and we were so impressed with what they had to show for just Day 2 of Week 2! While we rehearsed, a quick storm blew through and gave us the time to focus on shining on the stage.

As the afternoon quickly went by, we had just a half hour left. The sun started to peak through the the rain stopped. Campers had the choice to head outside for some Water Day fun or enjoy being inside with our staff for some karaoke entertainment and silliness by the staff.

While our time outside was cut short a little, we made the most of it and enjoyed our time on the slides. The smiles were quite apparent as campers enjoyed the variety of slides and time with friends. It was a great end to our Water Day fun of 2021!

Stay tuned for our recap of our Water Days from this summer on our social media!.

Annie Jr. Opens Thursday!

Spread the word and be sure to join us for our final performances of Summer 2021 on Thursday, August 19th and Friday, August 20th! Tickets are now available online. #CCCshines

Rain, rain, go away! We made the best of our Final Water Day of Summer 2021 at CCC! #CCCshines

Campers of the Day!

Congratulations to our Campers of the Day! These campers were awarded for being an example to others, being a team player and for shining both on and off the stage! Congrats to AnnaLisa, Scarlett, Penelope, Charlie & Eliana! #CCCshines

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