What is your wish for the world?

Day 8 at CCC was a day filled with team work! From working on our production, to putting the final touches on our set, to acting games, faith formation and more, the entire group of campers, staff and volunteers came together to make a beautiful day! Not to mention, it was Wacky Wednesday & Crazy Hair Day! We saw some awesome outfits and great hair styles!

The heat did not stop us from making the most of the day while we rehearsed and worked together to feel great about our Opening Day tomorrow! After time with our production team, our campers are ready and excited for the two days ahead celebrating all of their hard work.

School House Rock Live! Jr. opens Thursday night at 7:00pm at Cardinal O’Hara. The second performance will be on Friday, at 2:00pm, at Cardinal O’Hara. Tickets are still available online and at the door. We hope to see you there!

More about our day!

Our schedule was a bit different today as our focus was on our show. While we weren’t on stage, campers enjoyed art, faith formation and some acting games to break up our day. We always hear how much our campers love Art Class and love to hear their laughter as they work on different projects each day. No matter the project, Miss Livi and Miss Mia always have fun at the center!

After lunch, some of our campers enjoyed Acting Games with Mr. Brac and our Production Team. The silliness of some of these classic acting games had our youngest campers laughing for hours! We love to get a little silly sometimes and show off our best drama skills!

Wish For the World…

CCC’s Wishes for the World

In Faith Formation, all campers worked with Ms. AK and shared in a large group discussion on all of our “wishes for the world”. Ms. AK built off Mr. Brac’s message from Faith Formation yesterday, reminding our campers we’re all made in God’s image and likeness. We celebrated all of our gifts and talents, sharing what we’re all individually great at! Some campers shared how great they are at sports, or being a sibling, or caring for the environment, among many other awesome points!

Ms. AK shared a prayer with all of our campers, asking each to reflect on the lines that stood out to them most. A portion of this prayer…

I hope and pray for a world where …We are well with each other and we need not be afraid. Our neighbor’s needs equals our own; we find cures for illness and we heal each other. There are no more tears of tragedy; but when tears come, we wipe each other’s tears. Where hope is happening and, love is living...

After our reflection, Ms. AK asked campers to share what their hope and wish for the world is. Campers were paired up with other campers where we worked with one another to build our chain of wishes and prayers. Our chain will be displayed at our performances this weekend. Through the eye’s of our campers eyes and through their words, we can see our campers will continue to strive for peace and unity as they go forward in the world.

Show #1 is Tomorrow!

We look forward to seeing our audience members at our first performance of School House Rock Live! Jr. which will take place Thursday at 7:00pm. Our second performance is Friday at 2:00pm. For ticket information, click here.

Thank you to our Summer 2021 Sponsors who have helped to make this show possible!

Theme Day Winners & Campers of the Day

Congratulations to Lily, Annabelle, Ella, Janie & Michael for being our Wacky Wednesday/Crazy Hair Day Winners!

Congratulations to our Campers of the Day: Matthew, James, Julia & Ella!

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