A Beautiful Day at CCC!

After a couple really hot weeks, we are so grateful for the more mild days and the shade here at St. Kevin. We’ve been spending our time outdoors for the most part of camp so we are happy to see the weather start to cool down, even if it is still in the 80’s!

Our Tuesday was filled with another busy day of work as we finished our class rotation as we prepare for our show. Our leads and supporting roles are putting our production together with their scene work, solos and major musical numbers. Our ensemble which is composed of our campers have been perfecting all that they have learned since day one. We know additional practice will make our show all the better!

The Beauty of Different Types of Prayer

Miss Erin led us today in our Faith Formation as we talked about the many different types of prayers. We talked about how we learn so many organized prayers in school or CCD or even at home. Miss Erin broke down each phrase of the ‘Our Father’ and talked about the meaning of each phrase; especially because sometimes we just quickly say a prayer and not think about what it means.

Miss Erin also shared how she has grown in her own faith and prayers in a variety of different ways. We talked about how sometimes we pray to ask God for something, or to give thanks. Sometimes we pray for special intentions or for support when we have a test coming up. Miss Erin shared with us how special it is to pray together with others and to try that if we haven’t before. It was so nice to see our campers around Miss Steph’s grotto talking about their faith and the different ways we all pray.

Life at CCC!

Our days have been filled with fun and laughter as we work hard on our production. Outside of our classes focused on our show, we see campers enjoying their outdoor time in games, acting and in art class. These moments give us all a chance to take a break and relax a bit. Campers have the chance to talk with friends and make some great CCC memories! Check out some of the fun from our day today!

A Bittersweet Goodbye

With the last week of camp comes the beginning of goodbyes (or see ya laters!). Today Miss Livi and Miss Lexi left us to return to school and we couldn’t be more grateful for all they have done for CCC throughout this summer. Miss Lexi traveled with our ‘youngest’ group all summer long making sure each camper had a great and safe day from start to finish. Miss Lexi and Miss Livi have been leading our youngest group for the past five years at CCC and they’ve been incredible leaders for our other staff. If you child has spend time with this group this summer (or any summer), you definitely know about this dynamic duo and much they care about our campers.

This was the first summer Miss Lexi and Miss Livi have been separated at CCC! Miss Livi took on a whole new role this summer as she led our Art Class all summer long. Miss Livi led the class with so much ease and confidence as campers enjoyed all the great projects and activities. From the initial ask to lead this class til her sign out today, Miss Livi made such a difference for our campers as we could see how much they enjoyed going to art class everyday.

We are so grateful for all Miss Lexi and Miss Livi have done for us this summer – especially keep so many of us safe and happy at CCC! Please join us as we wish them all the best as they return back to PSU!

Opportunities to Support CCC!

We are so grateful to be able to have camp this summer! It has been a blessing for sure for CCC through this unprecedented time. We are hopeful to keep offering programs for our CCC family but know it will take much to recover and rebuild. Please consider helping us by supporting our end of summer fundraisers:

  • Support our End of Summer Raffle to help support CCC during this challenging time! Raffles are 1 for $10 or 3 for $25 donation. Drawing is Friday, August 21st at 5:00pm! Click here to make your donation today or contact us for alternative payment methods!
  • Join us for our End of Summer Celebration with a Pool Party on Wednesday, August 26th from 5:00-7:30 at Primos-Secane Swim Club. RSVP here so we can plan accordingly! $10/person to help raise some funds for CCC.

Campers of the Day

Each day we feature campers who shine both on and off the stage and are an example to others. Congrats to our Campers of the Day: Luke, Caroline, Maria, Maddy & Maggie! #CCCshines

Catholic Community Choir (CCC) was established in 2007. With faith and fun at the core, CCC strives to provide unique and engaging experiences focused on performing arts, service and ministry. To learn more about CCC, visit our website. #CCCshines

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