Under the Sea We Go!

Back in action this week as we welcome our final group of campers for #SummerbytheCCC20! We are so excited to be back ‘Under the Sea’ as we bring to life The Little Mermaid Jr.! We welcomed our final group of campers Monday morning and were so very excited to get started. It was great to see so many that we haven’t seen in months. We were happy to see many smiles and pure happiness as we came back together!

Right to Work

Over our first two days of camp, we jumped to work. Campers had the opportunity to audition for a role in The Little Mermaid Jr. We were so happy to see so many audition for the first time and others cheer their friends on through the process. Congratulations to the cast! Check out the full list here.

After the audition process ended, campers began their class rotation where they visited music, dance, art, games and acting class! Our first day flew by as we went through all of our first day routines. By the end of Day 1, we already saw so many new friendships and great memories being made.

Day 2 brought our first full day of hard work. All camper officially went to all classes throughout the day. Every camper worked on some of the major musical numbers for the show as well as learned a second dance already! We bet you have seen some summer camp dances at home already!

Outside of working on our production today, campers enjoyed some downtime in art, games and faith formation. In Art, campers made their very own mermaid. We loved the unique creations by all campers. In games, campers had the chance to have fun with a variety of games. It was still pretty hot out today, but we were grateful for the shady areas and the breezes that came throughout the day.

Stay tuned as we continue our hard work on day three of camp tomorrow!

Faith Formation with Mr. Longo

Mr. Longo joined us this morning for our group faith formation. Kicking off our day together in prayer is one of our favorite parts of CCC. Mr. Longo shared with our campers the great connection between our faith and The Little Mermaid. We were reminded to see the beauty in all that we have, even the little things. If you know The Little Mermaid, you know that Ariel collects ‘treasures’ she finds at the bottom of the ocean and they are her favorite things.

We also learned about St. Clare of Assisi who’s feast day is today. Comparing St. Clare to the lessons we are reminded of in The Little Mermaid, campers were reminded to cherish all of the little things in life and to never lose our wonder and awe of life.

Lastly, Mr. Longo reminded us of John 3:16. When we bring Jesus into our hearts, we know we always have a friend in Him and be closer to God. As we continue to go through our two weeks of camp, we will cherish all that we have around us and share in our faith as a community. Thank you, Mr. Longo for being with us today!

Campers of the Day Monday

Each day we feature campers who shine both on and off the stage and are an example to others. Congrats to our Campers of the Day: Sylis, Riley, Kaitlyn, Grace & Sierra! #CCCshines

Campers of the Day Tuesday

Congrats to our Campers of the Day: Rae, Landon, Onnah, Evan & Sophia! #CCCshines

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