High School Musical Jr. Day 4

It is so hard to believe that we are almost done our first week of High School Musical Jr., meaning we are almost done #SummerByTheCCC19! This summer is flying by. Before we know it, we will be getting ready for September, homework, and all the craziness that comes with a new school year. But for now, we’re holding onto every last second we have of this summer. Our summer days here at CCC are priceless. Summer wouldn’t feel right without camp and our CCC Family.

With four days down, we are really getting the hang of our show. The cast is learning this show extremely quick. High School Musical Jr. is the same length that one of our productions during the school year would be, but the campers only have two weeks to put it together. The children blow us away during each and every camp. Their hard work and dedication during the two camp weeks definitely pay off.

We made a lot of progress today! Our older campers learned the choreography and vocals to the “Auditions” sequence. There was even time for some of our individual leads to learn choreography. For example, Sharpay and Ryan Evans, played by Kaitlyn McCann and Vincent Carson, learned the choreography to “What I’ve Been Looking For.” Miss Erin reviewed all of our big dance numbers with the full cast, making sure our dance moves are perfect. Dance class is always such a fun time. Miss Erin is so great with each and every child. She is definitely everyone’s favorite! The campers got to belt out some notes while singing “Stick to the Status Quo” today in vocals. We review all our of music each day and continue to build our confidence with it. It is great to hear the vocals grow throughout the week. Our campers had a great time making East High pennants in art class today. Each pennant is red and white, East High’s school colors, to cheer on our Wildcats!

The campers had a special treat today during lunch! Firehouse Donuts donated an abundance of Apple Cider and Powdered donuts to CCC. They were so delicious! Each camper got to enjoy their snack and hang out with their friends. Thank you, Firehouse Donuts!

After lunch, the campers had Faith Formation as a full cast. This was a really great opportunity to have because it was a time for cast members of all ages to grow in their relationship with God and each other. Surrounding ourselves with other Catholics is a great way to help each other get more involved in our faith. CCC gives children the chance to create these relationships with other Catholics their own age. The faith aspect of CCC gives these friendships a deeper foundation and makes them last a lifetime.

Campers of the Day!

You earned it, campers!

We are counting down the days until our performances of High School Musical Jr.! Be sure to buy your tickets. Our shows are on August 16th at 2pm and 7pm. We are so excited to see you all there! 

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