Final Session of Summer 2019 Begins!

Welcome to the first day of Session III! We are wrapping up #SummerByThe CCC19 with High School Musical Jr.! To those new to our blog, be sure to check here for daily updates from our busy days at camp. The campers have already begun to have so much fun. We know that #SummerByTheCCC19 will go out with a bang!

Our cast of High School Musical Jr. consists of about 150 campers, all from various elementary and middle school ages. We have our campers divided into five different age groups. Since today was our first day, we began with auditions. The audition song was a few lines from the song “The Start of Something New,” and each camper did great! There was so much talent on stage today. The talented group of campers are not making it easy to cast this show! Some campers stayed back and read dialogue from a few scenes. This part of the audition process is always so much fun. It is so cool to step into so many different characters, even just for one short scene.

Those who did not audition went to games and art classes. Games, led by Mr. Babcock and Elijah Babcock, is held outside. Art class, led by Miss Grace Grassi, kicked off as campers made their own personal “Hollywood Star”. As we continue camp tomorrow, each group will visit art and enjoy making various projects through our two weeks.

After lunch, we enjoyed our first official stage time as we jumped into dance with Miss Erin as we worked on the staging for the opening of our show. Each day, we will have stage time in both the morning and the afternoon to work on the large musical group numbers and to put the show together. Even on Day 1 without a cast list yet, we were already working hard on full cast numbers.

It was a beautiful day outside today so we made sure to take advantage of the fresh air and some game time. Throughout the two weeks, we will spend time in the sunshine and with one another as we take a break from the stage. There are some crowd favorite games at camp each session. We wonder which one will be most popular this session!

Faith & Fun at CCC

Not only is Miss Erin our choreographer, she also led our Faith Formation today! Each day, we’ll have different staff members serve as our Faith Formation leaders who will share a piece of their faith journey with our campers.

Campers of the Day!

Join us for our Performances!

Join us for our performances next Friday, August 16th at 2:00pm and/or 7:00pm.
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