Day 2 of Session II: Here we go!!!

With the cast list announced and a night full of rest, our campers came back ready to start learning and ready to put our production together. With just 9 days of preparation before show day, many wonder how our shows come together so quickly! With the hard work of a talented cast, a great staff and lots of fun, the job gets done! It is amazing to watch each day as campers continue to grow and improve. With determination and the support of great friends at camp, this show is sure to be a great one!

Acting Strategies with Mr. Ryan

Now that auditions are behind us, we spent some time talking about how to grow and prepare for future auditions. Mr. Ryan, former CCC student and now staff member, studying education at West Chester University, spent much of the morning with many of our older campers reviewing acting strategies and best tips for improving and working through a scene with peers. Whether our campers knew each other or not, they were sure to be excited to have an opportunity to play some of the acting games that allowed each to think and expand upon how each would handle being in a scene. We look forward to more opportunities like these for all of our campers as we travel through these two weeks!

Later in the day, our staff worked with Jasmine, Aladdin, Jafar and many others as the foundation of our scene work was instructed for our upcoming production. As we travel through the next few days, much of the blocking, choreography and vocals for this show will be taught to all with next week as a time to clean and perfect before show day!

Dancing the Day Away!

With Miss Erin as our lead choreographer, we are sure to be having a blast! Miss Erin is also a former participant of CCC is also studying education at West Chester University. Miss Erin brought her energy and smile this morning as she led our dance classes and stage time with all of our campers to put together many of our musical numbers. With the focus on “Never Had a Friend Like Me”, we made a great dent in this Disney classic. Be sure to ask your child to show off their new dance moves they learned today!

Faith Formation with a Special Guest!

Miss Melissa was with our classes who visited the Chapel today! Focusing on prayer, our campers were able to learn from Miss Melissa the different types of prayer and some really beautiful conversations occurred. Our campers who visited the Chapel today learned about the four types of prayer: adoration, contrition, petition and thanksgiving. Our campers loved to talk about being able to pray anywhere and also connecting that a petition (or ask) is also a prayer. With many eager minds and lots of great conversation, Miss Melissa was able to guide everyone through some meditation before we moved onto the next part of our day. Miss Melissa reminded us that we can ask God for a challenge every day through prayer which opened up conversation about the many prayers and requests we have, many of which are in common!

It should be no surprise by now; however, Miss Melissa is…surprise, surprise….a former member of CCC and also studying education at West Chester University! We are so lucky to have a great team! Come back tomorrow to learn about another staff member who may be a former member and currently studying education at WCU!

Sunshine! And Fun for All!

We were all smiles as we headed outside for some fresh air and games as well as into the theater for more dance and music! While some campers opted to enjoy the fields at camp with games, many chose to enjoy the shade under a tree to play some classic Heads Up! Many laughs and a full day later, our campers came back together for one final stage time of the day. We cannot believe it has only been two days so far. We are so impressed with the hard work of all of our campers are are just a little too excited for our show next week. Be sure to spread the word and get your tickets today!

Campers of the Day!

Congrats to Paul, Teagan & Natalie! For shining bright both on and off the stage and being an example to all! #CCCshines

Catholic Community Choir (CCC) was established in 2007. With faith and fun at the core, CCC strives to provide unique and engaging experiences focused on performing arts, service and ministry. To learn more about CCC, visit our website. #CCCshines

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