Back in Action with Session II of #SummerbytheCCC19

We couldn’t be more excited for this new session of Disney magic to begin! After a quick break from #SummerbytheCCC19, we’re back in action and ready to go for another fun two weeks ahead. With record breaking numbers, our camp featuring Aladdin Kids sold out in April of this year! Needless to say, we have many happy campers who were ready to go bright and early on this Monday morning!

Just as quickly as our break went by, so did Day 1 of our second session. With older campers jumping right into auditions and our other campers right into their class routines of art, games and faith formation, this day flew right by! Stay tuned for our cast list later today!

We were thrilled to welcome our campers that will create the cast of Disney’s Aladdin Kids this session. With many familiar faces and tons of new ones too, we filled our morning time with getting to know one another as we established our routine for the next two weeks. We are delighted to welcome many siblings and cousins in this group! We look forward to featuring all these great groups of families and friends in the coming days!

As it always does, our auditions left us quite impressed with the great talent displayed. Our campers will have the opportunity to work on their acting and vocal skills in the coming days at camp while we put our show together. Camp is a great opportunity to grow and learn from all staff members. With a diverse staff including former CCC members and many who are still performing in various capacities, we are able to keep learning and growing in our performing arts abilities and skills!

What’s a rainy day without some great back up plans? We are lucky to have some extra space in COHS where we can hang out and play some games and get some energy out when the rain was coming down earlier today. When we weren’t in games, we spent time making our own lanterns in art class. Before we knew it, auditions were wrapping up and lunch time was upon us, and our final classes and stage time of the day was here. Tomorrow, we’ll jump right into our class rotation of music, dance, acting, art, games and faith formation. Follow us along as we head into our jam packed two weeks ahead! We can’t wait to watch this cast grow and SHINE!

Campers of the Day!

Congrats, Dean & Chloe for winning our first Campers of the Day awards for Session II. These awards are given to campers who shine both on and off the stage and are an example to all! #CCCshines

Save the date and times for our upcoming production of Disney’s Aladdin Kids sponsored by Mr. Dave White and many others! Purchase your tickets today for our 2:00pm and/or 7:00pm performances on Friday, July 19th. #CCCshines

Catholic Community Choir (CCC) was established in 2007. With faith and fun at the core, CCC strives to provide unique and engaging experiences focused on performing arts, service and ministry. To learn more about CCC, visit our website. #CCCshines

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