It’s day 4 of camp and our staff and campers are hard at work putting together a fantastic show for next Friday! Our days have been jammed packed with faith, hard work and lots of fun!Once on this island jr

Today, our set team, lead by James Kull, finished up our amazing set. This set creates the environment of a poverty stricken community. Our set team put so much time and energy into transforming our set from the happy and brightly colored world of Dr. Seuss to the run down and exotic world in “Once On This Island Jr.”

Our campers were hard at work learning new dances with Ms. Erin and new songs with Mr. Brac. Today the campers learned the dance to “A Part of Us/Why We Tell The Story.” Ms. Erin works tirelessly on these dances to make sure our campers do the best they can. Thanks Ms. Erin! Mr. Brac works with our campers so they all sing the best they can. You rock Mr. Brac!

Today in Faith Formation, Mr. Field led our campers in adoration. The campers were encouraged to take the time to talk to Jesus with no distractions and have a conversation with him. Our faith is the foundation of who we are as a company and family. Thanks for all you do to help us Mr. Field.

In art class, our campers continued their week long art project. Mrs. Field is leading the campers in the creation of sand and a palm tree for our lobby display. Mrs. Field’s creativity allows our campers to explore new ways to be creative. You’re the best Mrs. Field!

In games, our campers were allowed to pick from a selection of games. Mr. Babcock would lead our campers in either crab soccer, cops and robbers, or capture the flag. Mr. Babcock leads our games and helps our campers get active. Thanks for all you do Mr. Babcock!

In blocking today, Ms. Melissa and Mr. Ryan finished staging half the show! We are making such great progress and are so proud of all the work are campers are putting in to this show!

To begin the end of our day, we had a show tune showdown. Last year in July we put on a production of “A Year With Frog and Toad Kids”, and Mr. Field, who leads our Faith Formation class, and Mr. Babcock, who leads our games, became obsessed with it! So Mr. Field and Mr. Babcock did a battle against the two campers who played Frog and Toad in the show, Andrew McCarthy and Jacob Babcock. They both performed a number from the show and the campers decided who they liked best. Be sure to check out our Facebook page to see the video and to see who won. Also, let us know who you think won in the comments of the video!

Be sure to check out our Instagram story, @ccchoir, to see highlights throughout our day!

Tomorrow is everyone’s favorite day- water day! Campers are reminded to wear their bathing suits to camp, along with sneakers and their camp t-shirt, with their name written in it. Girls are reminded to please wear a modest bathing suit. Campers should bring a towel and sun screen with them tomorrow, it’s going to be a hot one.


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Written By: Ryan Jewell

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