This week has been flying by! On this Wednesday of camp we are getting so much work done, while also having so much fun! Our counselors and campers are putting so much hard work into our show.

Today was one of our famous theme days at camp, and this one has to be one of the most fun. It’s Disney Day! All of our camps dressed as their favorite princesses and heroes to celebrate! We listened to songs from all different Disney movies and even our #SnackTimeStandUp was Disney themed! At the end of the day we chose which campers showed the most Disney spirit! They were awesome!



Ms. Erin and Ms. Melissa started our day off with a little physical warm up, everyone was up and dancing! Once we got our blood moving, we reviewed the songs we had learned yesterday with Mr. Brac and Ms. Grace.

This Wednesday was packed with fun activities for our friends here at camp. Art was so fun! The younger ones made oceans out of paper plates, meanwhile, the older people got to paint a huge ocean that will be up in the lobby for our show! How awesome is it that we get to decorate with our campers art?!

Mr. Babcock and Elijah had everyone playing fun games all day! From Capture the Flag to Sharks and Minnows they had a blast! Mr. Field had a great audience as he taught everyone about the Eucharist.

Ms. Grace and Mr. Brac were lucky enough to not only review the songs we have done but start so many more! Our leads, Ms. Melissa and Mr. Ryan have been working tirelessly to finish up the staging of the show. Everyone got to shake their tail feathers with Ms. Erin to a new song!

Even if you are not involved in Once on This Island Jr., you can still stay active in CCC! We have a Kid’s Night Out planned for August 14th and we have our performances of Once on This Island Jr. on August 17th. We hope to see you there! Tickets to Once on This Island Jr. are available here.

Finally, we are working on our Summer Service Project. We will be collecting items for local troops that are headed to deployment in Iraq. If you want to participate in this project with us, please send items listed below by next Thursday, August 16th. They can be dropped off during camp hours from 9:00-3:00pm in the CCC Office or through car line. SummerService18Project.png


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Written By: Grace Grassi

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