We are making a splash here at Catholic Community Choir! Today was Water Day so all the campers had the time of their lives going down the slides and playing with water balloons. Water Day is a CCC Summer Camp classic. It has been around since the beginning of camp, in 2011. Campers and staff members both enjoy having fun outside and relaxing in the sun.

Although we spent a lot of time outside, we also got work done! We stumbled through our show and pieced it all together. In art class the children made Dr. Seuss hats on Popsicle sticks. Our art projects always look so nice. They will all be hung in the lobby on show day, next Friday. We reviewed our dances with Miss Erin and went over our vocals with Miss Grace. In faith formation, Mr Field taught the children about the lost sheep. He always a valuable lesson prepared to teach the campers! The cast of Seussical Kids looks forward to hanging out with Mr Field in the air conditioned chapel every day.

Water Day is always a great time to be competitive with your friends. Two good friends, Mr. Field and Father John, raced today for the second year in a row. The two went head to head while going down the slide and through the slip and slide.  It was a close call, but in the end Father John came out victorious. The campers loved to watch the two race and make great memories. Campers picked teams and had a blast.


If you are still looking for a program for your child for the end of this summer and love what CCC offers during our summer months, register for our final session this August (Once on this Island Jr.). Registration closes soon and has limited space! To register, visit http://www.ccchoir.net/summer-camps.html.

We can’t wait for you to see our shows next Friday, July 20th, at 2pm and 7pm. Buy your tickets to see Seussical Kids here!

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Written By: Kristina Goldhorn

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