Welcome back to Catholic Community Choir’s summer camp blog posts! If you’re new to the CCC family, this blog will give you insight to everything going on at camp. Today was our kick off of Seusical Kids and certainly have been busy!


For those who don’t know, we divide our 148 campers into age groups. Each group gets to go to each class; vocals, dance, acting, games, art, and faith formation. In vocals we learned the music to the opening number, “Oh The Thinks You Can Think.” We also learned the dance to it in dance class! In art class, the campers painted Horton the Elephant using pointillism. In faith formation we discussed the line said often in Seussical, “A persons a person no matter how small.” In acting, the older campers started learning their blocking for their scenes! During games, the children played a game called “Cinderella” with our games instructor, Mr. Babcock.

Since Seussical Kids is such an exciting show, we want to make sure we have the best set possible to balance the energy of the music and the cast. Therefore, our set team, led by James Kull and John McCarthy, has already started building. We plan on having bright, fun, and colorful set and we can’t wait for you to see it!


It has been a very fun and successful day at CCC and we can’t wait to see our show come together. Buy your tickets to see Seussical Kids here!

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Written By: Kristina Goldhorn

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