June 27, 2018 – Today was Wacky Wednesday here at AristoCats Kids! Our campers love getting decked out in our camp themes and today was no different! We had so many pigtails, crazy socks and even masks! Our theme days always end in announcing who the best dressed campers were. These campers get a little prize and some bragging rights for being the wackiest! Our winners today were Teagan Baxter, Lilliana Kostik, Sophie Ryan, Mia Wagenborg, and Campbell Baxter. Thanks for all the wackiness!

Miss Grace became our art teacher today! The campers got to sit and design their very own kiss bags! We saw some pretty creative and colorful drawings and we can’t wait for our parents to see them! Kiss bags are a tradition here at CCC. During the show, parents and other audience members leave treats in the bags for their favorite cast members!

We doubled up a few classes today and that may seem like a crazy idea, but these campers are a pleasure to work with. It is so nice to see our older friends helping our younger ones. They all look out for each other and that is what CCC is all about!

Our campers had another terrific stage time today! Even Miss Melissa said, “I don’t have many notes because that was awesome guys!” They really gave it their all and we are so proud! We even got done super early and had enough time to choreograph the bows sequence! Their energy was contagious! All of the counselors were dancing to the bow music!

We can’t believe the show is only three days away! Make sure you get your tickets for June 29th!


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Written By: Grace Grassi

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