June 26, 2018 – It has been an amazing start to production week! Our campers have been working so very hard to make sure this show is perfect and we could not be more proud of them. From working with Miss Erin in every dance, to blocking with Miss Melissa and Mr. Ryan, our work is almost done!


The beginning of our days at camp always start with a dance party to get our blood moving and then we hop right into stage time. Here at AristoCats Kids, we have been running our show non-stop, taking notes, fixing bumps in the road, and singing our hearts out. Our children are running a marathon up on the stage and we can not wait for you to see them perform!


We are especially proud of our leads and supporting roles! Miss Melissa and Mr. Ryan have been giving them a lot of information between the staging of scenes and asking them to be “off book”. These cast members have gone above and beyond. Learning a whole script in a week doesn’t happen just anywhere, but our campers can do it! Thank you to our leaders in the Cats group who are working so very hard!

Today, out at games, our campers had an awesome scavenger hunt! Every class split into two teams and had to find things that had been hidden and scattered outside. In each class, it was a very close game, and they all had so much fun! Thanks Mr. Babcock! Other classic games here at CCC camp are Dodgeball, and Cops and Robbers. The campers can’t decided which is their favorite! Dodgeball is a great time because even the counselors love to play! You won’t be able to find a game going on that the Babcock brothers, and Gavin Lewis are not a part of!

Campers love their time outside. It’s an awesome way to unwind and have a great time with friends!

Today was an amazing day here at AristoCats Kids. Our set is being painted, the campers sang loud and proud, and had a blast outside. What more can you ask from a day at camp?

We can’t believe the show is only three days away! Make sure you get your tickets for June 29th!


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Written By: Grace Grassi

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