June 25, 2018 – It’s the first day back to camp after the weekend, and we couldn’t be more proud of our campers. The masses may have walked into camp today a little groggy, but woke right up to the sound of some Disney music blasting through the auditorium. At stage time, we got a chance to run through all of our dances with Miss Erin. What  an accomplishment! We had another amazing run through at afternoon stage time. Our campers are already starting to run the show and it’s only Monday! Can you believe what else we can do with the rest of the week ahead? We can’t wait to see!

Today, three new staff members had their first day with CCC camp! Jenna Patterson, Megan Carroll, and Hailie Fosbenner are recent graduates from O’Hara that have stepped in to help out. We are missing Livy and Lexi, our great Kindergarten and First Grade helpers, very dearly, but are having some fun with our new additions. They had such a fun first day at camp and are excited for the rest of the week! We are happy to have you Jenna, Megan, and Hailie!


Here we have Jenna, Megan, and Hailie out at recess! After lunch today the kids had a lot of time to hang outside. The campers played so many games, including Cops and Robbers, Dodgeball, and many more! The campers love their time outside! It’s a great way to meet new friends and have so much fun with the older ones!

Sean Curry, Jake Beck and Micheal Mooney left their game of dodgeball today to come hang out! Sean Curry, plays the villain of the story. Edgar is a “very funny character to play,” says Sean. Sean tells us he loves CCC camp and his favorite part is games with Mr. Babcock and the Babcock brothers!

Jake plays Thomas O’Malley. This is Jake’s first lead role and he is loving the experience! Jake says he loves “Thomas’s attitude and how fun he is!” Jake’s favorite thing about camp is being able to meet and hang out with new friends.

Our third friend, Michael Mooney says that everyone should come see AristoCats because, “Everyone put so much time and effort into every detail and it looks awesome!” Micheal plays Scat Cat and “he’s a very jazzy cat.” Michael explains how Scat Cat and Thomas O’Malley are great friends and it is perfect because so are Michael and Jake!

An awesome link is our ticket link! You can purchase tickets for the performances on June 29th with the link below!


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Written By: Grace Grassi

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