June 22, 2018 – It was a long week for our campers, but a very productive one. We are so proud of how hard they have worked, and it has really been paying off. The show has really been coming together swimmingly and we can’t wait to continue on to next week! But for right now, we are ready to relax for the weekend!


Today was a very special day for one of our staff members! Mr. Field got married!! A really cool thing happen as well! Father John Masson, one of Mr. Field’s close friends and the campus minister at Cardinal O’Hara, came down in the morning to talk to our campers! He wanted them to be a part of the homily, so he asked them a few questions! The children answered questions like, “Do you have any advice for Mr. Field?” and “How should the two of them stay holy?” Our campers gave some great answers and showed us how very wise they are. He wrote down their answers and later went to the wedding to preach to the congregation how smart the CCC campers are!!  Mr. Field even visited AristoCats Kids before he got married today! Everyone was so excited to see Mr. Field and Mr. Brac all dressed up for the day.

The campers and staff are sad to see that it was Mrs. Cammarota’s last day at AristoCats Kids today. She has been such an asset to our team these past few days. We are happy to know she will be back later this summer! The children have had such a blast in art class making so many creative projects! Here are some Mice painting flowers!

Stage time today was very productive! We are so happy to hear how wonderful our campers our singing and see them busting a move. It won’t be a surprise if you hear our tunes around the house this weekend! The show is coming together and fast!

Our campers had a lot of time to run around outside today. After lunch, the campers all went outside and had a few minutes to play a few games all together. It was a lot of fun and a good way to let off some steam. They played games like cops and robbers, dodgeball, jump rope, and many more.

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Written By: Grace Grassi

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