June 20, 2018 – Third day in and we are still loving camp! There is a plethora of things to do here and it is just the best. Putting on a show is hard work, but these campers are awesome! We started the day off at camp dancing to Disney Soundtracks and teaching each other how to dance. There is always something silly going on in the morning before stage time. Ms. Julie had everyone up and dancing! You can see some videos of our dance moves on the Instagram story, which is updated with fun pictures and videos daily.

After stage time, and singing their hearts out, the children dispersed into their groups.

Ms. Cammarota knows that “Everybody wants to be a Cat,” so the campers got to make their own paper plate cats! Singing and laughing, while painting and decorating their cats, make art so much fun.

Faith formation is always a great way to unwind and listen to Mr. Field talk about our faith. The chapel is the perfect place to take a little break from practice, and learn about God and how He created us all!

The older group (the Cats) rolled into acting class and a few of our leads sat down for a little interview. We had Molly Evert, Grace Nelson, Sophie Ryan and Grace Ryan. These four are the Aristocats! Molly plays Duchess, the mother cat to her three kittens. Grace, Sophie and Grace are the kittens! According to the three kittens, it wasn’t very hard to step into playing siblings, because two of them already are! Grace Nelson, the odd girl out, does not feel that way because she “jumped right in” and feels like she is “part of their crew already.”

“My favorite part about camp is definitely vocals because I love to sing!” proclaimed Grace Nelson but she added how she loves to act and block with her fellow cast members. Sophie gushed about how many fun things there are to do here at CCC Summer Camp, she couldn’t pick! Sophie did say she had a great time playing cops and robbers at games today. Grace Ryan told us that “seeing everything come together at camp is the greatest thing.”

Molly told us how she loves playing their mother and seeing “the progress they have made over just a few days is awesome!” Molly has been with CCC since she was just a kindergartener! She is now in eighth grade. It’s so crazy how time flies! Her favorite camp so far has been “Frog and Toad Kids.” She told us how she loved all the jokes and memories that came from that camp. The campers still sing the songs a year later!

These four cast members are so very talented and we can’t wait for you to come see them  next Friday!


Tune in the rest of the week for more interviews, updates and fun pictures!

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Written By: Grace Grassi

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