June 19, 2018 – Today we jumped right into practice and had so much fun! During our morning stage time, we reviewed with Mr. Brac and made sure we hadn’t forgotten the first day’s solid foundation. “Scales and Arpeggios” rang beautifully around the halls of O’Hara! Mr. Brac is great at getting the campers up and moving. Once we got the song down pat and had a few laughs, the groups visited their classes!

It was our first theme day of the summer!! USA day brought the patriotic side out of our campers! They came dressed in red, white, and blue and ready for the day. A special treat we had on USA day was during lunch, Mr. Brac asked Micheal Meo-Oxner to sing the National Anthem. At the end of the day, we announced our best dressed and they went home with a little prize!

In our Art Studio, with Mrs. Cammarota, we had some pretty cool projects happening! The Cats, our oldest group, used paint and Q-Tips and were super creative in making some dot paintings! Then our youngest group, The Mice, used some watercolor paints to make a background for their own mice. The finished products were so pretty!

Miss Erin had everyone working hard and shaking a tail feather in dance class today! She had the kids singing and dancing to “Everybody Wants to Be a Cat.” Since yesterday, it has totally come together! It will definitely be a song and dance that everyone remembers throughout the summer!

Faith formation today had all of us thinking of lunch. Mr. Field talked about how powerful Jesus is in the Gospel of the “Loaves and the Fishes.” The kids learned that Jesus made fives loaves and five fishes feed over five thousand people that were gathered.

Mr. Babcock had a great game of breakout dodgeball. It’s so nice to have games here at camp, its a nice break from practicing and great way to get out some energy!

In our vocal classes, Mr. Brac has already gotten through most of the score with our older ones! Our leads have really been shining by showing the staff they know their stuff! It helps so much that they are listening and retaining the music even at home. We are so happy with our cast and excited for the days ahead!


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Written By: Grace Grassi

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