It has been a very busy day here at Catholic Community Choir! The morning started with stage time, when the campers reviewed “Letter #1, #2, #3, and #4.” They also learned a new song called “Down the Hill.” Soon we broke off into our four different age groups and continued on with the day. In games the campers played “Protect the President,” and “Heads Up 7Up.” The campers love games with Mr. Babcock and Elijah Babcock. Mr. Babcock is a history teacher at Strath Haven High School in Wallingford, PA. He also volunteers at CCC during the fall and spring shows.DSCN1829.JPG

So much was done today in dance class! The campers reviewed all the dances they knew and learned the dance to “Down the Hill.” All the dances look great and the children are having a great time learning them. In vocal class, the campers reviewed all the songs they knew, included the newest ones, “Cookies,” and “Down the Hill.” Today in Faith Formation Mr. Field taught the kids about the parables in the Bible. The campers look forward to Faith Formation everyday with Mr. Field. He connects with the campers so well through the word of God! In art class today the campers made pictures of toads and lily pads for the lobby.


The campers are having such a fun time putting together A Year with Frog and Toad Kids! But time is going fast. Make sure you buy your tickets soon. Click here for the ticket page! Auditions for School House Rock Live! Jr., our next summer camp, are tonight. This summer is flying by and we’re so happy to be spending it with you!

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Catholic Community Choir, founded in 2007, is a children’s theater organization rooted in faith and fun center stage. For more info on CCC, visit our website or call 610-544-5217

Authored by Kristina Goldhorn





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