June 26, 2017 – On the second Monday at camp, we had a special treat – Water Slides! Today is a tradition at CCC Summer Camp. It is one day designated to beat the heat and have some water fun! We have two slides and one slip-n-slide for the campers to race each other. The campers love having fun in the sun!

In the beginning of the day, each of the groups experienced water day on their own. This way they could enjoy the slides before we had the whole crew outside. Before the day ended, we had our whole Annie Kids family out and about on the slides. Not only were our campers having a blast, but the staff was in on it as well! Campers were eager to race some of our camp counselors on the slip-n-slide. Staff and campers a like were filling their cups of water trying to splash each other with water. The staff were even sneaky enough to dump a water cooler on Mr. Brac! All of this and more will be seen in a Water Day recap video that will be out soon!

While these Water Day activities were going on, Miss Nabb and her amazing artists learned how to draw a fox, a turtle, and an owl. Their creativity shows on and off the stage!

Catholic Community Choir, founded in 2007, is a children’s theater organization rooted in faith and fun center stage. For more info on CCC, visit our website or call 610-544-5217.

Authored by Grace Grassi and Jeremy Fratoni.

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