June 21, 2017 – Today our campers arrived bright and early in their best Disney themed attire! Minnie Mouse, Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, one of the three blind mice, and the Hulk were just some of the costumes featured.  Theme days are always a favorite here at camp and the children always have fun dressing up in silly costumes. Look out for some more fun theme days in the coming weeks!

Campers could not wait to get started as they took the stage to learn more dances with our choreographer, Ms. Erin, and Ms. Rachel. Ms. Erin is a recent graduate of Notre Dame Academy and a CCC alum who will be studying education at West Chester University in the Fall. It didn’t take the children long to catch on to the dance and jump right into the fun! After only three days of camp, the children are well on their way to putting on an amazing show next Friday and, most of all, are having a great time.


In the midst of this excitement, campers are also getting the opportunity to connect with their faith. Each day, the children spend time in the chapel with Mr. Field for faith formation. Mr. Field is a great new addition to the CCC team and a shining example of faith. The children learn about Bible stories and talk about how they can live out their faith in their lives. It’s nice to slow down in the midst of camp and remember what is most important in our lives.

Catholic Community Choir, founded in 2007, is a children’s theater organization rooted in faith and fun center stage. For more info on CCC, visit our website or call 610-544-5217.

Authored by Jeremy Fratoni and Billy Issertell.


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